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Made in Anonymous


The word Volk, is a German noun meaning people. This is where Folk Music gets its name from. What began as oral story tales (village life) from both Ireland and England centuries ago, were embraced by Irish and English music storytellers for generations. The authors/composers of these traditional stories are unknown to this day.

Music Trace


Why is Folk Music important? Well… all of today’s Music Genres are traced back to Folk , because this was the first form that Music possessed from its inception, and everything since is an evolution of sorts. Any Musician and Composer who knows the craft well, recognizes musics origins. Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong has been quoted by the press ” All Music is Folk”. And even Blues Musician Big Bill Broonzy remarked ” I ain’t ever heard a horse sing a song”.

The Struggles and a Dead Martyr


The images you see on this page are all associated with Folk Music. When a violin is played in Folk Music, it’s called a Fiddle. For over a century, Folk was shaped by World events, and here in the States circa 1920’s and 30’s, Americans struggled in working conditions, child labor laws, and the great depression. This gave rise to Folk Singers to protest in Song at Union Halls, Churches, and any other means of public gatherings for the purpose to Unite the community. Taking a step back to 1915, I would like to point out Joe Hill, who was a Folk Singer, Union Organizer, Labor activist, Songwriter, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World. In November 1915, Joe died by a firing squad announcing his innocence to a crime, which to some felt he was falsely accused, perhaps his popularity with People and his stance against political leaders tagged him as a threat.

The Young generation


The stock market crash of 1929 and the eras hardships gave birth to Music Artist’s Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, and Pete Seeger, all who progressed the use of Folk Music as a Medium to express disapproval and social reform. Every decade since, has seen its share of issues and Folk Music has been a place of hope, unity, and inspiration for All People. The 60’s saw Folks largest following with Musicians such as Joan Baez, Tim Buckley, and Phil Ochs. But it was Bob Dylan who brought Folk Music to the baby boom generation during the early 60’s forward. Dylan’s Music received a mass amount of radio airplay cementing Folk into the decades cultural roots.

Folk Music Trails

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