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The Daily Tieke

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Welcome Music Fan! Come and join us for a focus in Music’s History and educational articles in hopes to inspire and encourage reading and learning. We all know knowledge is Power!

What does Music mean to you? Music can be a friend when you are alone, or it can be shared in celebration with others. No matter what language you speak or what part of the world you are from, Music has and always will be a part of our culture. It is a true gift to each of us! We keep in mind, everyone’s efforts ( United ) to help one another through these challenging times.

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Rythmsphere is a room full of today’s Pop/R&B sounds, all the latest releases at the top and the older videos released from earlier this year are found towards the bottom of the youtube playlist. Think of this as a 2020 tunes in reverse release date order. One can select from the hundreds of popular videos for a favorite or simply allow the list to play on auto pilot for listening pleasure during home activities or a family/friends gathering.

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FeathirdGems is a song list of music, which in SongBirds mind, deserves greater exposure or songs that should be rediscovered. But you be the judge, after all it’s simply a matter of opinion. The gift of discovery is what matters the most. After all, there are literally thousands of songs released every month around our planet. We don’t always get the opportunity to hear some underrated sounds.

Brand name for today's country music

SounTRee is a forum of the state of today’s Country Music. The fact is that Country and Western Music is the nation’s largest radio listening audience from ages 21 to 55. This genre has reached global status since the 90’s decade.

Brand image for all female song list

Woman Songbird is a remarkable playlist involving all the amazing and incredible Women in Music, past and present spanning many decades. In addition, covering all Genres to educate and inspire young and old.

RELaidstressAX is a place to put your mind at ease, relax, aid some stress if you will. Music has a tendency to refresh your brain, giving you a bright new focus on matters. Mental health is just as important as physical diet and exercise.

Brand image and name for folk music song list

FolkSonica is a realm of current Folk Music trails or seeds if you will. Folk means people, and is the Grandfather of all Genres. Since its inception many centuries ago in old England and Ireland, Folk remains the Music of the people; in blue-collar or working class life.

WaveFusion is an educational sub-genre list of Rocks original movement of New Wave Music. The sounds influenced from Punk Rock and Pop music touch. Its greatest popularity occurred circa late 70’s and into the 80’s. New Wave help shape the 80’s decade and beyond.

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Some inspirations & profound contributions.

November 2020

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