The Daily Tieke

The Daily Tieke

The Daily Tieke

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A SongBird Introduction

The Song Birds (clade passeri) are the Largest Family of Birds On the Planet, made up of over 5,000 Members. This is one of those true short stories.

The Saddleback Bird

Tieke is one of the worlds quickest birds upon short approach and is famous for a historical event that occurred in 1964. Tieke is also known as the Saddleback bird and in 1964, was on the brink of extinction. The New Zealand Wildlife Service were able to rescue 36 Tieke birds from rat infested Big South Cape Island. This was the worlds first ever translocation of a species, saving it from becoming extinct. Today this is one of the greatest true inspiring stories in New Zealand’s history.

It is my pleasure to honor and display educational short stories for young and old. I hope this will brighten your day or to bring a smile to your face.

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